This weekend I went to Nyhavn and got 4 kilos of apples fresh off the ship from Fejø !


Fejø is a small island in Denmark known for its fruit production and is an place that is close to my heart.   I spent 3 weeks volunteering at the Healing Garden, working and getting to know people from around the world, who are some of the most lovely people I have ever met.


Every Fall a tall ship sails from Fejø to Copenhagen carrying apples, pairs, plums as well as products honey and juice to sell in the harbor.


It is a cozy fall event that draws a big crowd.  One of the great benefits is that you get to taste all of the different varieties of apples before you decide which ones to take home with you.  I love this tradition that supports a local and direct food system !


Becasuse we had baking in mind, we got a mix of sweet apples (Sunshine) and some bitter sweet apples (Discovery).  I will share the recipe for the apple crisp in the future.


In the meantime I am enjoying apples as a midday snack 🙂

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