Wow.  I saw the documentary ‘Fed Up’ last weekend (two times – I’m a nerd).  It is eye opening.  The main topics is covers is:

  • sugar and how it is added to almost all processed foods
  • fast food in schools and childhood obesity
  • ‘big food’s’ twisted role in government policies
  • the sugar and soda industries evil plots to cover up the damaging effects of their products
  • the fact that many citizens are uninformed and do not know what a healthy choice is (low-fat = more added sugar = NOT healthier)

Society’s blind trust in government as well as corporations selling products, has lead to the corporate take over of the food industry, as well as the government.  This documentary is a MUST SEE for everyone but especially Americans.

My recommendation is cook at home as much as possible, when shopping, only shop around the perimeters of the grocery store, not the aisles – avoid buying processed food products (anything that comes in a box, bag, other form of packaging), boycot all sodas (not hard for me to do as I have had a life long hatred for all soda).  My biggest recommendation is to see the film !  I’d love to hear what you think !

Getting ready for a month of budgeting and healthy eating we made a meal plan for the week.  This allowed us then to make a complete grocery list and split up the items into two groups: one to be purchased at an inexpensive store for everyday items, and one to be purchased at a more expensive store with more specialty and organic items.

I have printed and hung in our kitchen the list of the ‘Clean 15’ and the ‘Dirty Dozen’.  These are lists put out by the Environmental Working Group advising consumers about which items contain the most and the least pesticides aka which foods should always be organic or not eaten, and those that are safer to eat in their conventionally farmed forms. This differentiation helped us make our grocery lists and to save money.  Find their website here.  You can download the printables I made here: dirty dozen and clean fifteen


For Sunday dinner we made was a salad with seasonal grilled vegetables and fresh salmon.



  • organic rucola
  • organic spinach

Grilled Vegetables

  • asparagus
  • eggplant
  • squash
  • organic red pepper

Topped with

  • fresh salmon
  • organic fresh cherry tomatoes
  • organic lemon juice